by Dave Conklin A new round of lab tests was begun on March 21st at Carollo Enginners UV Test facility in Portland, Oregon. The MS2 phage was used as a surrogate pathogen for the tests. Untreated water from Portland’s well field was adjusted to 81% UV transmissivity using Super Hume and inoculated with the MS2 […]


by Dave Conklin It wasn’t what we wanted to hear. On February 19th we received a report from the independent Oregon lab on their fourth round of water box testing. This report showed worse performance than in the previous round of testing, and, like the previous rounds, was internally inconsistent. There were five tests performed; […]


By Dave Conklin on November 4, 2021 A month ago I wrote about the discrepancies between the lab test results from 2019 and the results from this year. We are still working to reconcile the differences between the two labs. In October, we asked Umpqua Research (URC) to repeat a test of hand-cranked operation, but […]

New Lab Test Data

By Dave Conklin on 10/4/21 In 2019 we sent away an early prototype water box to an overseas lab for a microbiological challenge test.  The report from the lab is available on our website. The results were very positive: a “5-log” reduction in the test organism, i.e. a reduction of 99.999%. In August this year […]

How Tough Is It? – The Water Box Can Take A Beating

by David Holman and Dave Conklin, DayZero Products We wondered what kind of damage might occur to the water box if it were to experience likely accidental impacts. We tested two scenarios, one where the case slips from the hand of a user while carrying it by the handle, and a second one, where it […]

The 14-day test

The unit logged 130,000 cranks, simulating the treatment of 1,588 gallons of water.

The 10,000-Crank Test

The website challenged DayZero to pull 5 of our hand-cranked generator water boxes off the shelf and turn the crank 10,000 times on each one.