Accessories are included with the WB-GX and WB-X models, but not in the WB-CERT4 multi-unit case for emergency response organizations. Accessories may be purchased from DayZero at a small markup from our cost, or directly from our suppliers. Prices given below are for single items from DayZero. Supplier information is as of 6/30/20.


$2.00 - from DayZero

Germicidal UV Bulb

4 Pin – Single Ended – UV Germicidal Preheated Lamp – 14 Watt – 11 in. Length

$40.00 - from DayZero

AC Adapter

12V 2A Power Supply AC Adapter, AC 100-240V to DC 12 Volt Transformers, 2.1mm X 5.5mm Wall Plug

$9.00 - from DayZero

Canvas Bag

small canvas laundry bag 18″ x 24″

$5.00 - from DayZero

Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter

DC Car Charger Cable – 10ft DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm Connector to Cigarette Lighter Male Plug

$18.75 - from DayZero


Multi-Purpose Plastic Funnels with Long Reaching Spout (4.7”)

$3.00 - from DayZero

Outlet Valve

3/4″ Plastic Garden Hose Shut Off Valve

$2.00 - from DayZero

Outlet Cap

3⁄4” hose bib cap
Wichita Hardware, Portland, OR (Tony 503-775-6767)

$2.00 - from DayZero