Change Log

Changes in pilot run 3 relative to pilot run 2

  •  outlet port fitting, replaces outlet port stopper and chain include
  • outlet port cap with glued on magnet
  •  glue on complementary magnet to top of tank; match polarities so that cap seats on tank magnet
  •  include screw-on outlet valve with accessories
  •  add rubber feet to WB-GX; discontinue the friction sheet
  •  add the lid switch; the switch disconnects power to the ballast when the lid is opened
  •  spray on water-resistant coating on labels before placing labels on tank
  •  use printed circuit board instead of hand-assembled circuit
  •  use rocker switches in place of toggle switches in the WB-GX units, but not in the WB-X units
  •  Replace the black PC722A DC jacks on the Bud boxes with red PC721A jacks, to improve the fit with the AC adapter and cigarette lighter adapter plugs

Changes already in pilot run 2 relative to pilot run 1

  •  use blue HDPE 1 gallon tank instead of black polypropylene 1.5 gallon tank
  •  allow for use of external 12 VDC power
  •  include AC adapter, car cigarette adapter
  •  circuit turns off lamp automatically after about 1 minute when using external power